Child Protection

Announcing stronger penalties for failing to report child sexual a abuse

Our petition to increase the penalties for Concealing Child Sex Abuse has been accepted. Stronger penalties will soon apply in NSW and hopefully the other States and Territories will follow suit. Announcing stronger penalties for failing to report child sexual a abuse. — Mark Speakman (@MarkSpeakman) November 12, 2018

Child Protection

Petition to increase penalties for concealing child sexual abuse nears 10,000 signatures at Thornton.

Here is a great video of Paul Gray collecting signatures in Thornton. We passed the 10,000 mark that afternoon. Thanks to everyone that signed the petition, next step is to pass it on to NSW Parliament and trust that they will increase the maximum penalty for those who protect paedophiles to at least five years. […]

Child Protection

Pastor Bob Cotton and Maurice Blackburn National Head of Abuse Law, Michelle James slam Catholic Church for not lifting seal of confession

The Roman Catholic Church’s decision to preserve the seal of the confessional is an arrogant and disgusting declaration that they will continue to deliberately and intentionally protect child rapists within in their ranks. The Catholic Church’s decision not to lift the seal of confession on abuse allegations means it will “continue to fail to act” on such accusations, […]


Excellent new legislation from the NSW Government regarding Domestic Violence.

Until now, most domestic violence has been dealt with under Common Assault and carries a maximum penalty of 2 years imprisonment. If the perpetrator of the abuse puts their hands around the throat of the victim it will fall under new legislation specifically targeting strangulation and will attract a maximum penalty of 5 years imprisonment, […]