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Don’t go where it is all fine music and grand talk and beautiful architecture; those things will neither fill anybody’s stomach, nor feed his soul. Go where the gospel is preached, the gospel that really feeds your soul, and go often. CH Spurgeon. He said it well!

Child Protection Justice

Interview: Bob Cotton on Rema Catchup

We are very grateful to John Marks, CEO of Rhema FM 99.7, and his marvelous staff for the opportunity to share about the petition to increase the maximum penalty for those who conceal child sex offences. The full interview can be downloaded at the following link.…/ RHEMACATCHUP.COM Interview: Bob Cotton – Rhema CatchUp Learn […]

Child Protection Justice

Hunter abuse survivor Rob Roseworne has asked the Director of Public Prosecutions to review a 2013 decision not to prosecute a senior Catholic

Here is a classic example of why the failure of the NSW Government to increase the penalties for those who conceal Child Sex Abuse is ridiculous beyond belief. The following article will tell you how a child was sexually abused by a teacher at a religious school in the 1970’s, the School Principal was told […]

Child Protection Justice

Would you sign a petition calling for stronger penalties for people who conceal child sex abuse?

PUB CHAT: Pastor Bob Cotton discusses his petition for stronger penalties for concealing child sex abuse with patron Garry Broad at the Grand Junction Hotel. Picture: Jonathan Carroll Not many people would think a pastor would be the most popular man at the pub. But when that pastor is pushing for stronger penalties for people who […]

Child Protection Justice


ABC Newcastle 26 July at 07:44 ·  📝 PETITION TO INCREASE MAXIMUM PENALTY FOR CONCEALING ABUSE 👩‍⚖️ An advocate for child sexual abuse survivors in the Hunter region is ramping up his campaign to increase the penalty for people who conceal child sexual abuse. Maitland Pastor Bob Cotton has launched a website in a bid to have 10,000 people […]

Child Protection Justice

Community expectations totally ignored – letter to the editor Maitland Mercury

The NSW Government’s failure to properly increase the sentence for concealing Child Sex Abuse is not only a slap to the face of the victims but it is totally out of step with what the public expects when it comes to sentencing those who protect and enable paedophiles. There is a storm coming. Soon, charges […]

Child Protection Justice

New child abuse laws slammed as ‘cruel joke’

New child abuse laws slammed by Maitland Pastor Bob Cotton and sexual abuse survivor Paul Gray Maitland Mercury – local news      Sage Swinton  OUTRAGE: Maitland Pastor Bob Cotton says new child abuse laws are inadequate. New child sex offence laws have been slammed as “a cruel joke and an insult to survivors” by Maitland […]

Child Protection Justice

Paul Gray and Bob Cotton interviewed relative to the new laws

Paul Gray and I had opportunity to be interviewed by Paul Turton of ABC Newcastle relative to the new laws for concealing Child Sex Abuse in NSW. It aired this morning Tues 10/07/18. We take up most of the first 20 mins but fast forward to 6.00 to cut to the chase.…/…/programs/mornings/mornings/9937590