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13,000 sign Pastor Bob Cotton’s petition for tougher penalties for concealing child sex abuse ~ Maitland Mercury

I thank the Good Lord for such a brilliant outcome in such a short time. Thanks also to everyone who helped collect signatures, encouraged us to keep at it and all those who signed. Hopefully now the Government will act according to the will of the people and increase the penalty thus deterring those within the institutions who would protect the wolves rather than our children.

Based on advice he received, Pastor Cotton was hopeful of the matter being voted on before parliament breaks up in November

Pastor Cotton and fellow advocates have amassed 13,000 signatures on a petition pushing for an increase in the maximum jail sentence for concealing child sex abuse, which he hopes to have submitted in State Parliament in the next week.

The petition calls for the maximum penalty for the offence to be increased from two years jail to five years.

Half the signatures were gathered in the past two weeks following meetings Pastor Cotton had with Attorney General Mark Speakman and Police Minister Troy Grant.

One thought on “13,000 sign Pastor Bob Cotton’s petition for tougher penalties for concealing child sex abuse ~ Maitland Mercury

  1. Dear Pastor Bob, what courage and conviction you have speaking out / living Jesus values of love and inclusion, by advocating for / protecting the vulnerable esp children / those damaged by abuse. Also for justice. Although there is much I love about Hillsong church (awesome worship music, heartfelt message of grace through Jesus, inspiring sermons and mamy lovely genuine church members) the good is totally undermined by: 1. Deliberate cover-up of historical child abuse, distancing themselves (with lack of compassion / justice) for vulnerable victims. 2. Deliberate, shameless financial / spiritual abuse and greed by manipulating vulnerable followers to believe if they don’t “tithe” (an Old Testament legalistic concept, selectively quoting mainly OT bible verses such as Malachi which was actually written to priests) they will be saved but cursed / not blessed. (Fear based legalistic teaching). Poor people who don’t know the New Testament well have become poorer while rich leaders have become richer (with ocean front homes,etc).. I have written emails to Brian Houston warning him of consequences to his reputation which he has evidently disregarded… God might be pleased if the false teaching amassment of exorbitant wealth is re-distributed to victims and the poor. Will be praying for a fair just outcome (and that you pastor Bob are the onw who is truly blessed).

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