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Pedophile Priest warned to stay away from NSW diocese after release

Peter Comensoli to be next Arch Bishop of Melbourne.

Bishop Peter Comensoli made news last year when he warned his Sydney parishioners of the pending release of convicted child sex offender and former priest, Finian Egan. He wrote to the parishioners in his diocese and told them that Egan was being released back into the community.

Egan could have easily slipped back into the community under the radar as he has served only four of the eight years he was sentenced to but Bishop Commensoli acted as a good shepherd and gave the heads up.

I thought it was such an exceptional stance that I rang his office and conveyed my appreciation and congratulations for such a splendid effort.

It was announced yesterday that Peter Comensoli will be appointed the next Arch Bishop of Melbourne and he has vowed to “right the grievous wrongs of the past”.

If integrity within the church is ever to be restored it will be through the actions of those who put the welfare and protection of the people ahead of protecting the institution.

Every minister, pastor and priest would do well to look at the standard that Peter Comensoli set when he warned his parishioners that Finian Egan was being released back into the community. It should be standard practice to protect the lambs, not the wolves.

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A Catholic bishop takes the unusual step of warning his parishioners of the impending release of paedophile priest Finian Egan.

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